Review – Doctor Who: End of Time, Part 1

27 12 2009

The first part of David Tennant’s last story as the Doctor has aired and it wasn’t exactly what we were expecting.

I imagine that most of you have already seen it by now, thanks to the power of the internet and it airing in the US unusually early.

The plot focused mainly on the Tenth Doctor returning to present day Earth (more or less) to track down The Master, who got better from being dead.  All thanks to an evil/stupid cult and some goo.  But it went a bit wrong because of his wife throwing some more goo at him.  So now the Master is constantly hungry and has super powers, also he may be eating people.

The Doctor bumps into Wilf, Donna’s lovable grandfather, during the search.  The two discuss life, death, and regeneration is what is probably the best scene of the special.

The Master after an encounter with the Doctor is kidnapped by some guy and his daughter.  They have some alien device that heals people and he wants to use it to make his wife immortal.  What they planned to do before the Master conveniently showed up is ignored.  The Master types in some random stuff and it begins to work.  The Doctor and Wilf run in to try and stop them, but it is too late (as always).

What happens next is possibly the most bizarre scene I have ever seen on the show.  Now Doctor Who is an odd show, it is written for children, but it is at least enjoyable by all ages and doesn’t try to pander to them (except for farting aliens).  When I say the scene takes you right out of the show, that really means something.

So basically President Obama is about to give a speech about the world’s economy.  Why Obama is President of the US in the Whoniverse is a subject of debate on forums already.  The President who was elected in 2008 was murdered by the Master and his successor was probably hit with fallout from the events of Torchwood: Children of Earth.  Still Obama is seen as something on an inspirational figure.  Back to the story, the Master steps into the device and turns every human on the Earth into himself.  The effect was done through rapid head moments, like in Army of Darkness when Ash tried to make his head appear normal after it was stretched.  Given the somewhat serious tone of the rest of the story it looks absolutely ridiculous.

So now everyone, except for Wilf who was in a magic box and Donna who is remembering being with the Doctor, is now a duplicate of the Master.  What else can RTD throw at us?  How about the fucking Time Lords, long thought deader than a can of burnt spam, all ready to bring about the end of time itself?  That scene works a lot better than I describe.

So in short:

Doctor and Wilf discussing both their eventual deaths
Doctor and the Master discussing Gallifrey
Return of the Time Lords

The Master Race
The Cactus Aliens
The creepy incest vibe I got from the idiot dad and his daughter

I’m not completely ready to pass judgment on the story without seeing the conclusion.  We have a week until the Tenth Doctor’s last story.  RTD seemed like he was getting everything ready for the this last part, so maybe he will blow us away.




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