Best of 2009

31 12 2009

End of the year and time for everyone to post this shit for everyone to talk about.  Here’s mine.

Best Film: District 9
Forget Avatar, the best geek film of the year is this.  It didn’t need to make the aliens look more human, just make them concerned for the same stuff we are.  Not to mention the effects were amazing on a fraction of the budget.

Best Mini-series: Torchwood: Children of Earth
There aren’t many shows that will be completely destroy the beloved star of a show just for the sake of the story.  As well as show humanity to be the worst monsters in the universe.  Doctor Who had flirted with the idea, but CoE went the distance.

Best New Show: Dollhouse
Expect any Joss Whedon show to go against expectations.  This one did it by getting a second season on Fox.  Granted most people left the show during Fox’s attempt at making 5 pilots, but those who stayed have gotten on of the best shows on television.  While most shows deal with black & white or shades of gray, Dollhouse is gray & gray.  One of the few shows that have left me stunned into complete silence by what I had seen.  It may not have a big audience now, but it will find a second life on DVD and BluRay.  Especially thanks to the second season, which like a doomed man knows it has nothing to lose.

Best Episode: Dollhouse – Epitaph One
If you haven’t seen it, then you know why.

Best Direct-to-DVD Movie: Battlestar Galactica: The Plan
Sure it is basically a clip show, but it also shows the magnificent performance of Dean Stockwell.  The man is amazing.

Best Book: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
How do you improve one of the true classics of English literature?  Throw in zombies and ninjas.

Best Comic: Dr. Horrible
I’m biased as fuck about Whedon.  At least I’m honest about it.

Best Game: Ghostbusters: The Video Game
The closest I’ll ever get to hanging around the Ghostbusters.  My childhood dream is to carry a proton pack and check for ghosts with a PKE Meter.  This game made me very happy and until I see the trailer for Ghostbusters III, this is next best thing to a movie.

Best Finale: Battlestar Galactica
A certain magazine called this the worst, they are full of shit.  I watched the show since the mini-series first aired.  Nothing was out of place if you watched the show.  Not even the “god” bit, given that Head Six had been saying she was an angel since ’33’.  Even the abandoning technology isn’t crazy when you see the true conditions they were in.  Imagine living in your car for half a decade while your toaster repeatedly tried to kill you.  All while you were running out of food, water, and the basics of human comfort.  You’d be happy to spend the rest of your life in the woods.




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2 01 2010
Tom Baker

I am a first time visitor but I noticed you are a fan of BSG. I thought you might be interested in a tribute to Battlestar Galactica posted by my guest blogger this month, Chris Ferrell. Happy New Year!

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