Review – Doctor Who: End of Time, Part 2

3 01 2010

When we last left the Doctor and Wilf, the Master had taken over the planet and other random shit was happening.  So now let us discuss the Tenth Doctor’s final story.

So basically the whole plot is a crazy Batman-style multiple detail plan by the Time Lords to come back to life before they are going to be killed by a past version of the Doctor during the Time War.  Hooray for the longest sentence I ever wrote!  They do get to come back for like five minutes before going back thanks to the Master deciding to help the Doctor.  Which he has done before, only in this case it was revenge.  Revenge with laser beam hands!  So everything looks fine for the Doctor.  Master is gone, Time Lords are gone, Earth is safe, and he is still alive.  Then come the most haunting knocks I’ve ever heard.

The Doctor, being the guy that he is, gives up his life to save Wilf.  Knowing his time as the Tenth Doctor is coming to a close, he visits all his companions.  Either saving them, just seeing them, or hooking them up with space sailors.  Now I’ve seen some criticism about this scene being too long.  In the scene’s defense, it is basically a longer version of the 4th and 5th Doctor’s vision of his companions and enemies.  Plus this is really the last time that we’ll see most of them, so it is some closure.

Then it comes, the Doctor’s death.  I don’t think I’ve seen a more moving scene of the Doctor regenerating.  Maybe it is because the Tenth was “my Doctor” so to speak, or maybe I only got to see the other Doctors regenerate long after their time.  But this got to me and I’m not too proud to admit it.

I am eager to see the 11th Doctor in action, but I think he might take a while to win me over.

As for the special itself, any scene that didn’t have the Doctor or Wilf was shit.  I didn’t give a flying fuck about the Cactus people and their wacky shit.  But after the Time Lords arrive it gets good and after the four knocks, it becomes perfect.

Goodbye Ten




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