Dollhouse: A Look Back – Part Three

19 01 2010

True Believer
The last of the pilots, this long journey has come to an end.  This one is pretty good, Echo becomes a blind girl with cameras in her eyes.  Then that is about it really.  There is also Paul continuing his search for Caroline and the staff first learning of Victor’s love of Sierra and his “man reactions”.  A term which I use to this day.  This is also the episode where Topher started to grow on me.  At first I didn’t like him, seeing him as a monster for his job.  But the guy grew on me.  He may be completely amoral at first, but he is funny.  Although his development into a more moral person has been filled with disaster.  He helped kill a guy, granted he was a rapist/almost murderer, and he would later invent the tech that destroys the world.  The Brainpocalypse that happens sometime between now and 2019, although this will drive Topher completely insane.  The poor guy has been through hell lately.  Dealing with the knowledge that the person he more or less created hated him so much she fled the building.  This same woman would later kill the woman Topher truly loved right in front of him.

Man on the Street
Paul finally encounters Echo twice and deals with a Dollhouse client, played by the extremely talented Patton Oswalt.  The scene between Paul and Joel is probably the best of the season because Joel completely lays out how Paul feels about his search for Caroline.  But I’ll deal with Paul in a moment.  Joel was probably the only client I ever felt any sympathy for, the rest just wanted sex.  He was pretty much trying to get over the death of his wife, we would later learn that he quit using the Dollhouse after this and remarried.  It also reveals that Mellie is an Active, showing just how much interest the Dollhouse has in Paul.  Then there is the storyline about Sierra, we discover that her handler has been taking advantage of her bond with him and raping her.  The jerkwad is killed by a Doll, but the abuse of Sierra would continue for a while.  But back to Paul, he was the hero of the story, the white knight in search of the girl.  But his armor was chipped away until he wound up working for the enemy.  First he learns that he is a relationship with a Doll and in someways no better than the clients, his career is destroyed during his quest, and then he becomes an employee.  Although while there, he secretly helped Echo develop as a person, pledging to help her and eventually falling in love with her.  Unfortunately this was taken away from him by Alpha when he was wiped and then made into a Doll himself.  Seeing Mellie/November kill herself in front of him to resist her programming has to do some damage to him.  Paul knows that he is now a Doll, but I wonder if he fears that he too has been programmed in any way.  Paul’s fate remains to be seen, we know that he is at Echo/Caroline’s side after the Brainpocalypse, but little of their relationship has been shown at this point.




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20 01 2010

I thought it was so great to see Joel again in A Love Supreme… I really didn’t want Alpha to get to him! He was one of the only clients (if you don’t count Topher creating himself a best buddy) I felt completely empathetic to.

I know that Topher said he had to erase Paul’s connection-love-to Echo in order to save him, but do you really think that’s possible? By the end of The Hollow Men I really felt like Paul was starting to become more engaged in what was going on and who he used to be.

I will always mourn Mellie’s death!

20 01 2010

From what I understood it did erase his love for her. But that it didn’t mean that he could never fall in love with her again.

7 04 2010
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