Dollhouse: A Look Back – Part Four

20 01 2010

Now things are getting interesting.  Echo goes off mission when a chemical is released from a lab owned by Rossum.  The side effects of this chemical allows for flashbacks to when Echo was Caroline.  We learn that she was an activist and was pretty much forced into working for the Dollhouse, despite their claim that the Dolls are volunteers.  There is some other stuff dealing with Victor and Sierra’s flashbacks to their previous lives before the Dollhouse, but Echo is the focus.  Boyd’s reaction to the chemical is a little odd, although I guess he could have been a pianist before Rossum got him.  If not, go by the MST3K mantra (repeat to yourself, its just a show, I really should relax).  Probably the first hints of what Rossum was up to, but still before they became the Big Bad.  Given that I’m quickly running out of major characters, let’s spin the Dollhouse character wheel! It landed on November.  At first we only knew her as Paul’s love interest Mellie.  Although we soon learned that she was a Doll sent to make sure he wasn’t getting too close to the truth.  Paul would later find out and use her to get in.  He then freed her from her contract, she would somewhat return the favor by reminding Paul about what he was supposed to do.  Giving him the kick to the ass that would get him to contact with Echo after she achieved personhood.  But things would not go so well for her.  She became a pawn in Rossum’s plans and her original personality was wiped.  What happened to the wedge isn’t dealt with, but she is eventually imprinted with Mellie again.  Sadly this imprint’s sleeper programming would lead to her death.  She resisted it to save Paul and instead killed herself.

Another great episode.  The three main Dolls are given their original personalities back but without their memories.  Echo tries to free everyone, Sierra goes to confront the raping bastard who put her in the Dollhouse, Victor helps her, and November grieves for her dead daughter.  My favorite parts had to deal with the Doll’s original personalities, besides Caroline we knew nothing about them.  Most of what we learned from this episode would later be expanded, such as with Sierra and how she got into the Dollhouse.  But Echo still remains the focus.  Well, now it is time to discuss Sierra.  Sierra was introduced by being wiped for the first time.  Somehow Echo formed a bond with her and became as Topher described “all mother hen” about her.  We would later learn that she was being raped by her handler and repeatedly so by her main and possibly only client.  The man who happened to be the guy who put her in the Dollhouse in the first place.  Priya, her original personality, had rejected him, instead falling for an imprinted Victor.  He drugged her and made her appear to be mentally ill.  I can’t imagine a worse hell than knowing your sane and being drugged, while everyone assumes you’re crazy.  The poor woman is then dragged kicking and screaming to the Dollhouse where the bastard repeatedly hires her.  Upon learning of this Topher, in a rare show of morality, attempts to help her.  The man dies and Sierra is sent back to the Dollhouse.  Priya would later reappear when Echo needed to rescue Anthony (Victor’s original personality).  The two remained in love, through all the different imprints and even in Doll state.  At some point, Priya leaves the Dollhouse after the tech destroys civilization.  This allows her idea of tattooing your real name on your back to spread among the surviving un-imprinted people.  What happens afterward remains to be seen.




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20 01 2010

“Needs” was an exceptional episode. The character development was heartbreaking and the acting was stellar. Priya/Sierra became one of my favorite characters, and Topher showed a deeply hidden side to his personality that surprised me and made me proud of him.

7 04 2010
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