Dollhouse: A Look Back – Part Six

22 01 2010

Briar Rose
Almost the whole theme of the first season laid out in a fairy tale.  By season two, Echo wakes up and becomes a person.  She then sets out to rescue everyone in the Dollhouse from captivity and from Rossum.  Don’t you just love it when all the threads finally come together.  Anyways Paul finds what appears to be Pothead Wash and manages to get inside the Dollhouse.  Wash turns out to be the Big Bad Alpha and kidnaps Echo.  I’m over simplifying, but I mainly want to focus on the characters and all of you have seen the episode.  So I’m running out of characters at this point, so what about Dr. Saunders/Whiskey?  Scarred from an encounter with Alpha, Whiskey was imprinted with the personality and skills of the previous doctor who was killed.  She eventually finds out in and that has to be completely devastating.  To discover that you don’t really exist, at least on some level.  You think and feel, but it was programmed into your head.  All that you know was put there by a dork in a sweater vest.  I don’t know how I would deal with it.  Probably by running off.  Whiskey later shows up playing house with Boyd and later imprinted with Clyde, the same imprint Boyd has.  Something that wasn’t really discussed, but has to be weird.  You live and probably sleep with someone, then they are you.  Whiskey remains at the Dollhouse during the events of Epitaph One, either dying or just passing out.  I like to think that she is still alive.

Alpha has Echo, Paul is in the Dollhouse, and the youngest daughter from Growing Pains is strapped to an imprinting chair.  So, more or less, the season finale.  Echo finally becomes a full person, then she totally kicks ass.  Paul makes a deal with the devil and winds up working for the Dollhouse, while Alpha runs off to fight another day.  Alpha is basically the Anti-Echo, where as Echo is in full control of her imprints.  Alpha is crazy and at times overtaken by some of his imprints.  His first real appearance shows him to be out of control, but when we see him again, he seems to be calmer.  Still crazy, but keeping the imprints under some level of control.  After that episode I would fully support Alan Tudyk as the next Joker.  Alpha, knowing he can’t have Echo for himself, decides to break her heart by wiping Paul.  But he imprints himself with Paul, which somehow allows Paul to control him a little.  What long term effect is unknown, but remember that Echo mentioned Alpha helped them with Safe Haven.  Maybe the Paul imprint gains more control over him.  I at least hope he shows up in the finale, because there is so much that can be done with the character.

I might not have an entry tomorrow, but it will be up on Sunday at the latest.  But soon we’re on to season two, where Joss Whedon said “fuck it let’s go crazy”.




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7 04 2010
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16 04 2010

I like the article, but I think you’ve misinterpreted Boyd. Remember, there were two founders of Rossum and one betrayed the other. I think that Boyd has his origional personality, and betrayed Clive. That would explain the fact that he didn’t react like the dolls to the drug in Echoes

17 04 2010

I like that idea, but he does seem to be a Doll to some degree. I had assumed that the founders were Clyde and Ambrose. Boyd was simply the first person imprinted with Clyde, which is why Caroline recognizing him was so important. When he got wiped, he went to the normal blank Doll state. Based on what happened with Paul, if a normal person is wiped they’re brain dead. Either the device could install the Active architecture or he was a Doll. Although he could still be the other founder and just a Doll version of himself. Either doing it to create backups of himself or improving his mind.

Although you may be completely right, the No Shows in Epitaph One & Two did act a lot like wiped Dolls. The device could have done the same thing to Boyd.

Either way it does add an interesting layer to the character.

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