Dollhouse: A Look Back – Part Seven

23 01 2010

Dollhouse: Season Two was a total surprise.  None of us really expected it, given that not only was it a Science Fiction show on Fox, but a Joss Whedon one was practically a death sentence.  But it somehow survived, thanks to the fans and to the DVD/BR preorders.  Sadly it would be the last season, but Joss gave us a rollercoaster ride that got better and better.

Paul as the latest hire of the Dollhouse uses Echo to help him catch a arms dealer from his FBI days.  But Echo seems to have kept all her imprints for the encounter with Alpha, when she tells this to Paul, he agrees to help her.  But the best thing about this episode is Claire Saunders telling with learning that she is a Doll.  The knowledge seems to almost drive her crazy.  She has always pretty much hated Topher, but to learn that the only reason she does is because he put it there has to blow your mind.

Echo is imprinted as the mother to a newborn, Topher even makes it so she can lactate (a word I don’t use enough, I now expect all kinds of crazy search results).  Anyways the imprint is a little too strong and Echo goes crazy thinking people are going to take the baby away.  Even after being wiped, she remembers it.  The technology is somehow able to control the various chemical and hormonal reactions that go on through the body.  Topher really is a genius, making it even sadder that his genius is used to destroy the world.  So the episode whole point is to basically continue the thread of Echo starting to remember all her imprints.




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