Dollhouse: A Look Back – Part Eight

24 01 2010

Belle Chose
Echo turns stupid for some Literature professor and Victor becomes pure evil, then things go wrong.  Besides the awesome acting coming from Victor, probably the most interesting thing going on is under the surface.  There is a weird contrast going on between the professor and Terry, the would-be serial killer.  Both use women is different ways.  Terry uses them as literal dolls, posing them in some sick version of playing with dolls.  The professor uses the Dolls to get off, although he tries to fit in a lesson about Chaucer (or Chauncey as I like to call him).  I found it fairly sick and that they would use this client in the episode with a serial killer speaks volumes.  Eventually the imprints get swapped, sort of hinting at the future of Epitaph One where imprints are done without the chair.  There is also Echo overpowering an imprint and resisting it, another step in her becoming a person.  Also this episode has the great Michael (Col. Tigh) Hogan, who is a very nice man and wonderful actor.  If you have not seen him in Battlestar Galactica, I highly recommend it.

Poor, poor Sierra.  I sort of dealt with a lot of this in my post about her character, but this episode is basically the backstory for Sierra.  Echo notices something is wrong with her and gets Topher to look into it.  He figures out that she wasn’t really crazy when she was sent there, but really drugged to appear crazy.  Once again, knowing that you are sane and everyone thinking you are crazy is probably one of the worst hells I can imagine.  Topher decides to help and the guy winds up dead after Priya kills him.  I felt he deserves to be thrown into the Attic, but a knife to the gut works.  Also we now know that Echo in her doll state is remember the imprints, as well as reading.  This episode was the moment Dollhouse went from greatness to something else.  Right now there is only a small, but very dedicated fanbase.  But I think one day people will regret not seeing it when it originally aired and this episode will be the one that does it, along with the ones that follow it.  It was also one of the few episodes of a show that truly bothered me.  I was absolutely stunned after seeing it, I sat down in silence for a while.  It was outstanding in every sense of the word.  My greatest regret is that there aren’t more shows like this and probably won’t be for a long time.




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