24 01 2010

Angels and fight scenes, but it works.

So God got upset at humans because we’re dicks.  So he sends the angels to wipe out everyone.  One angel who loved humanity turns against the others and helps a small group of survivors.  One in particular is a pregnant woman whose child is the savior of mankind.  Beyond that, I have no fucking clue of what was going on.  The fight scenes are great, but there was almost no plot.  Just angels fighting and the loose storylines that action movies call character development.  I’d like to know what was going on, but nothing is explained.  Why is the child so important?  They said he is man’s savior, but is he the second coming or John Connor?  I honestly don’t know.  But still, it was pretty badass, so I can’t complain.  Worth a rental at the very least.

I will say the whole “angels as dicks” seems to be a recent thing in fiction.  I know Supernatural was the first place I saw it.  I don’t know if they started it, but this is kind of the same thing.  Only the main angel Michael has any respect for mankind.  He even goes all Doctor on us.  Apparently when God told the angels that mankind was his favorite creation, he was the first to bow and that his love was as great as God’s.  His main reason is that despite war, crime, and other horrors, humans still have greatness in them.  So pretty much the speech from Contact.




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