Dollhouse: A Look Back – Part Nine

25 01 2010

The Public Eye
The first of the Double Dollhouse Fridays.  Senator Perrin is attempting to bring down the Dollhouse and Rossum through Madeline/November who will serve as a witness in front of Congress.  But Rossum has other plans.  The LA Dollhouse sends Echo to fake an affair while Paul is sent after Madeline with a Doll Disruptor that Topher made.  Long story short, the Senator is really a Doll and he and Echo are sent to the Washington DC Dollhouse.  The programmer, Bennett Halverson, has a past with Caroline and begins to torture Echo.  A very episode and one of the best of the season.  But it only half of the story, so I don’t feel right without talking about the rest of it.

The Left Hand
Echo and Perrin eventually escape from the DC Dollhouse and go on the run.  Meanwhile Topher and Adelle to the DC Dollhouse to get Echo back.  Topher and Bennett nearly become an adorable geeky/completely amoral couple, but Topher hits her for trying to kill Echo.  At the same time, Perrin is dealing with the news that he is a Doll.  Knowing that everything you believe, think, remember, and even care about isn’t real and was programmed into you is a horrific revelation.  I truly wonder if he actually volunteered to be imprinted again so he wouldn’t have to deal with it.  Echo is now on the verge of awareness and dealing with the memory of Bennett’s last encounter with Caroline.  Caroline apparently left her trapped in a Rossum building pinned under a wall.  This caused her to lose the use of her arm.  Caroline is basically an unknown on the show, but this was a shock.  While Caroline was hinted at being something of a terrorist, although she only went after Rossum.  Who do deserve to be wiped off the Earth and there was a hint that she left bodies behind her, we never saw it.  It even scares Echo into not wanting anything to do with her.  Pretty much ending in chaos, Echo is in Dollstate alone, Paul is missing, Madeline/November is wiped, and Rossum is gaining political power.  But how much larger can their plans get?




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