Dollhouse: A Look Back – Part Ten

26 01 2010

Meet Jane Doe
Echo is finally a person.  She and Paul got together sometime between episodes and have been planing on taking down the Dollhouse.  But Paul and Echo have started falling for each other during the three months or so together.  Back at the Dollhouse, Rossum is getting Topher is build part of something scary and Adelle is getting tea for everyone.  Topher figures out what Rossum really wants and designs it, creating the tech that will destroy the world.  Adelle gives it to Rossum to get her job back, just as Paul brings Echo back.  The show continues to improve, almost becoming small parts of a huge movie.  It is great to see Echo as a completely aware person now.  Seeing Topher make the tech was a little shocking when you know what is going to happen to him.  Boyd is very interesting now that we know who he really is now.  He’s moving everyone to where he needs them, like some game of chess.

A Love Supreme
Alpha’s back and he’s killing people!  By killing off Echo’s past clients in some act of revenge for rejecting him.  They get Joel, who is apparently the only one left in the Dollhouse.  Joel is the only client I liked because he was really only dealing with the death of his wife.  Echo helped him and he eventually quit using the Dollhouse, going on with his life.  The others were like crackheads always going back, some to the point where they go broke.  I don’t see how anyone cannot see it as disgusting.  So Alpha gets back into the Dollhouse and tortures Paul, because he figured out that Echo loves him.  He imprints himself with Paul and then completely wipes him.  Echo fights him and almost kills him, but then the Paul imprint takes over for a moment and she can’t do it.  Alpha then runs off while Paul is left in a vegetative state.  I do wonder what the long term effect of the Paul imprint is going to be.  Maybe that is why Alpha is mentioned helping in some way during Epitaph One.  Also Whedon continues to break our hearts by never allowing anyone to be happy, in this case Echo and Paul.  I don’t know he does this, something awful must have happened to him.




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