Dollhouse: A Look Back – Part Eleven

27 01 2010

Victor is released, but caught by Rossum who is making an army.  An army with a hive mind, like the Borg but menacing and not easily defeated by Mrs. Columbo.  This one is pretty good, but a little overshadowed by its partner episode that followed.  Still it was nice to see Anthony and Priya together without being in Dollstate. Also more Echo being totally kickass, something the world will desperately miss.

The Attic
Holy fucking Whedon!  Echo, Anthony/Victor, and Priya/Sierra are sent to the Attic.  The place is a networked Matrixy place where you live whatever your personal hell is on a loop.  Mine would be a room full of snakes with only a stool to stand on, then the stool would turn into snakes.  (I don’t like snakes)  Echo bumps into Mr. Dominic and the two kick ass through the place while searching for her friends.  Meanwhile Topher tries to fix Paul by turning him into a Doll of himself.  But they had to take away his love of Echo for it to work.  Curse you Whedon, curse you for forcing me to feel emotions!  The Doll gang find one of the founders in the Attic, who explains that the tech pretty much always ends with crazy people and burning cars.  They figure a way out and it turns out to be Adelle’s crazy scheme to figure out what Rossum is up to.  Now they are ready for war.  Holy shit, we’re about to get our faces rocked.




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