Dollhouse: A Look Back – Part Twelve

28 01 2010

Getting Closer
The Doll Gang needs Caroline to find out who the founder of Rossum is now because she met him.  But the wedge is missing.  So they kidnap Bennett because she can fix the smashed backup wedge that Alpha damaged.  So while she and Topher reconnect, we get some flashbacks.  Turns out she agreed to help Caroline bring down Rossum.  The bomb went off and Bennett was pinned under a wall.  Caroline only left her because she didn’t want her to take the fall as well.  Then Whedon stabs us in the heart by having Boyd be the founder, he also has Bennett killed right in front of Topher.  The man hates happiness, I don’t know why or why I keep crawling back.  So the Dollhouse is attacked by Rossum, Caroline is now in Echo’s head, Boyd is evil, Bennett is dead, and the Doll Gang is on the run.  What could come next?

The Hollow Men
The Doll Gang heads to Tucson, meeting Whiskey who has the founder in her head.  Echo is a little crazy from an injection Boyd gave her.  Meanwhile Priya and Anthony go back to the Dollhouse, finding only dead bodies and a note on the imprint chair.  Anthony is uploaded with Topher 2.0 to the delight of everyone and they figure out what happened.  He then gives Anthony mad ninja skills.  Back in Tucson, Echo wakes up and tries to escape.  Topher finds his tech ready to be rolled out and wipe the world.  The Doll Gang learns that Boyd was the Big Bad, who wants to wipe civilization.  Why?  Well somebody had to do it, I guess.  No one ever said smart people were rational.  So Paul and Mellie/November try to take out the mainframe with guns.  Her sleeper programming is activated and she kills herself to save Paul, aww.  Not getting the memo, he tries to help Boyd stop Echo, who is kicking the shit out Clyde/Whiskey.  (Hooray for girl fight, kinda I guess.  One has a man’s mind.  Which takes the whole relationship with Boyd into a weird direction.  Not that they probably did anything with the same imprint.  Although could you imagine that?  If anyone ever does Dollhouse fan fiction, expect that.) Paul quickly learns he’s been had, but the day is saved when Boyd is wiped.  Doll Boyd is then sent in to blow up the mainframe.  Kinda sad really, he didn’t know what he was doing.  So they saved the world.

Or did they?

Yep, the world is still shit in ten years.  But more on that during the last review Dollhouse review ever.




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28 01 2010

I am trying to save Dollhouse.

7 04 2010
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