Dollhouse: A Look Back – Part Thirteen

29 01 2010

Epitaph One
If you ever encounter someone who doubts the genius that is Joss Whedon or especially the show Dollhouse, show them this episode.  So the world has gone to hell and the technology of the Dollhouse is behind it.  Some survivors find the LA Dollhouse and use the imprint chair to find out what happened.  At this point, we’ve seen a good bit of the flashbacks.  One was actually a vision inside the Attic, but that counts as a memory.  While the scene with Mr. Ambrose in Victor probably happened shortly before he got his original personality back.  Using this as a set up for season two was brilliant.  Seeing the strings come together, all the small steps that lead to this future was fantastic.  From Topher designing the very tech that does it to Rossum’s rise in power.  Although I do wonder what it was like for the people who haven’t seen Epitaph One though.  Did it make the show any different?  But unless I can wipe myself I’ll never know.

Epitaph Two: The Return
The Doll Gang has been hiding somewhere near Tuscon.  During a raid of the old Rossum building, where the Clyde and Mr. Ambrose are constantly uploading themselves into new bodies, Caroline/Echo and Paul find Zone, Mag, and Mini-Echo.  They take them and Topher, who Rossum was forcing to wipe everyone left in the world.  But somehow Topher, despite being completely insane from guilt, figured out how to save everyone.  Back at their home, we find out that Priya and Anthony had a son (aww).  Anthony is now leading a crew of badasses who imprint themselves with whatever skills they need thanks to thumb drives.  Topher’s plan to re-imprint everyone with their original personalities has some drawbacks, namely the former Actives would go back who they were before they were wiped.  So they would use their memories of the past several years.  But they would be okay if they stayed underground for a while.  So they head back to the LA Dollhouse, losing Paul along the way.  (Damn you Whedon!) Also the lovely and sweet (and apparently lesbian) Felicia Day got shot in the legs.

Felicia Day & Me (Not Pictured: Pure Win) Sorry for the crap picture.

So they get into the Dollhouse and Alpha is running the place and not crazy. Topher designs the tech, while Caroline/Echo reveals that she never told Paul that she loved him.  (To all the people who claim that Eliza Dushku can’t act, watch this episode.  Although she is great throughout the series, she is absolutely amazing in this episode.  Also you can go fuck yourselves, you and Fox.) It turns out that Priya has never told her son that Anthony is his father, because of her hatred of the imprinting technology that he continues to use.  He is pretty much only using it to protect her, so after stopping his former imprint happy pals, he destroys his thumb drives and reunites with his son.  So Topher goes to set off the device, turns out it is a bomb and he is going to set it off himself.  So Topher sacrifices himself in order to redeem his creation of the tech that caused all of this in the first place.  Echo, Priya, Anthony, their kid, Mag, and Kilo all stay underground.  Alpha went off to be alone, while the others all go above ground.  Echo goes to the imprint chair and finds a wedge, she imprints herself and finds Paul.  So Paul is now in her head, which could possibly bring loving yourself to a whole new dimension.  (Someone is writing the fan fiction, we all know it.)

So that is how it all ends, a bittersweet note if any.  Paul is dead, more or less.  Topher sacrificed himself for the world.  While Echo continues to be alone, kinda.  But Priya and Anthony are together, so that’s good.  Whedon could have killed one of them.  Over all, this was an amazing episode.  My only compliant is that it wasn’t longer.  The acting was amazing, the writing was outstanding, everything was perfect.  But it really hasn’t sunk in yet, I have to give it some time before I can really describe it.
Series wrap up and other thoughts will be posted soon.




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29 01 2010

I watched Season 2 without watching Epitaph One, and then went back and watched Epitaph One in preparation for Epitaph Two. It’s interesting to see that there are some scenes in the flashback parts that are used in Season 2. Some of the scenes were confusing, but were explained. For example the scene with Victor as Mr. Ambrose was very confusing at first. I think it works both ways very well. I can see it working for you before Season 2, but Season 2 was not hindered in any way by not seeing Epitaph One in my opinion.

29 01 2010

Thanks, I think at the most it may have added a sense of dread to some scenes. Such as when Topher has the blueprints to the tech.

7 04 2010
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