Live Action Star Wars Series: My Pitch

15 02 2010

At some point in the future George Lucas is going to release a live action Star Wars show.  Not much is known about it, but we do know that it between Episodes III and IV and possibly Boba Fett might appear.  Now Lucas may be completely insane at this point, but fans are still hoping for something great.  But what do we really want?

This every episode!

Now a lot of people would probably want huge battles every week.  But given costs, this will probably be a problem.  So it probably won’t happen all the time.  Sure we’ll see the main ship every week, but anything large will be toned down.  That’s why they need to focus on the characters, something Lucas used to be good at.  Remember when Star Wars was completely awesome?  Now who do we think of?

If you answered Ewoks, kill yourself.

Han “Fucking” Solo!

Han was a smuggler with a heart of gold.  A man trying to make his way through the galaxy with a blaster and his best friend, while avoiding the Empire and bounty hunters.  Sounds like an awesome show right?

If you don't know who this is, get off my blog.

But that has been done already.

But why not do it again?

That’s right, make the live action Star Wars into Firefly with Stormtroopers.  It can be done and become the best of both worlds (not a TNG reference).  Focus the show on a small crew of smugglers, avoiding the Empire and bounty hunters.  Every week, they can travel to various planets either doing jobs or helping the population.  Actually show how conditions were during the Emperor’s reign.  Even some of the known characters could show up.  I’m thinking Bail Organa could show up every now and then, maybe even show some of the development of the Rebel Alliance and how the crew plays into it.  Boba Fett would have to show up a few times.  Maybe the crew angers some Imperial governor who sends the bounty hunter after them.  Maybe even see him disintegrating someone.

But we need a star, how about a captain with a secret?  One of the things that made Mal interesting was his past, he was a man who saw all that he believed destroyed in front of him.  That is why I would make the captain of the crew a former Jedi.  At this point, Jedi are all but extinct and rapidly become the stuff of legend.  Any Jedi would be hiding and not running around with a lightsaber.  I would slowly hint through the series about the Captain’s past.  Maybe have him use the Jedi Mind Trick on some Stormtroopers, then have him say he was a way with people.  Maybe show a tattered robe in his cabin, small details like that could create a healthy speculation about who he actually is.  Eventually he would have to use his lightsaber, perhaps against Darth Vader himself during sweeps week.

Other characters could be a former Stormtrooper (either clone or regular person) who left after seeing the actual horror the Empire is capable of and is now trying to redeem himself.

This guy must be hired.

I don’t know who to cast him as, probably as the wisecracking mechanic.  But as fans of Dollhouse already who, Fran Kranz is absolutely awesome.

I would include an alien crewmember as well, maybe even one we’ve never seen before in the SW universe.

Then continuing the tradition of Princess Leia, it would need some badass women.  Maybe as the pilot or some other position.  Something that makes up for turning Padme into the sad girlfriend who died for some stupid reason.

Hire Jewel Staite. I don't care who she plays as long as she is there.

With all of that, it could be a decent show.  Although knowing Lucas, there will be goofy robots and other pointless shit.  But I can dream.

There is no debate on if Mal ever shot first.




One response

17 02 2010

Yes, I completely agree. We didn’t see enough STAR WARS in the prequels (meaning space battles). I know this may hurt a lil, but Episode 1 actually got something right…the formula. Yes, Jar Jar sucked, but the formula was Star Wars. We had a rag tag group of ppl trying to get out of a funk and warn the Republic about some shit going down, and it all ends with a climactic battle on ground and in space, all very epic. Episodes 2 and 3 had some of the formula, but focused too much on one thing or the other. That’s my two cents.

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