Review – The Wolfman

15 02 2010

Good werewolf movies are hard to find.  In fact, I can only name a few good ones.  The Wolf Man, American Werewolf in London, Ginger Snaps, and Dog Soldiers.  The rest are absolute shit or I haven’t seen them.  Now we have The Wolfman, a remake of one of the classic Universal Horror films.  Does it work?  Pretty much.

The basic plot is man goes home to find his brother, brother has been killed by werewolf, man gets attacked by the same werewolf, and becomes one himself.  There are some father/son issues, a love interest, and Agent Smith in mutton chops hunting the beast attached as well.  The cast gives decent performances, but something seems a little off.  The whole production has been through hell and the final product reeks of it.

Even a werewolf deserves representation in court.

But at least they went with traditional make up for the werewolf.  In the last few years, werewolves have been made through CG.  Sometimes it works, most of the time it just looks terrible.  Also the transformation has been a problem in the last couple of years.  The greatest is still An American Werewolf in London, all of which was practical.  This is similar,  but all CG.  It works for the most part, although a few parts were bad.  Most of the animals, except for a dog were CG.  I can understand in one case, but the other was  a bear that didn’t do anything but look around.  I was excited because I thought a wolfman was going to rassle a bear.  (I spelled it that way on purpose) But the bear just sniffs the air.  They could have gotten a real bear to do that.

He would kick the shit out that loser from Twilight.*

Also they went  with an actual wolfMAN, not a really big wolf.  Something that is almost completely dead now.

In the end, there is some decent action and gore.  Horror fans should enjoy it.  My only complaint is that is doesn’t feel finished, like they could have worked on it a little more.

*Seriously, I saw the trailer.  He ‘poofs’ into a wolf.  He fucking poofs.




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