That Twilight/Wolfman Letter

3 03 2010

So by now, all of Internet knows of the letter sent to Universal about how Wolfman is a ripoff of Twilight.

If not, read and cry.

So a part of me is convinced that it is fake and it may be, I don’t do fact checking or research besides looking up funny pictures.

Like this. Still this is more than FoxNews does.

But based on  my encounters with Twilight fans, or Twitards as they are known, even if it isn’t real then there are at least several dozen who do feel that way.

I honestly can’t figure out the Twitards.  I can understand loving something, even getting obsessed with something.  I’ve practically spoken of Whedon shows and Doctor Who in terms that border on religious.  But I can understand why some people might not like it.  As geeks, we’re used to being insulted for our obsessions.  But the Twitards aren’t, this is their first brush with being a geek.  So like Kirk Cameron, they got a little crazy about it when they fell in later in life.

We were raised in geekdom to varying degrees.  If you’re part of my age group, you were either a child when the original Star Wars trilogy was popular or born in the years after.  Most of us fell in with Star Wars, then advanced to other shows or movies.  Now most of us have fallen into other fandoms, such as Whedon shows, Doctor Who/Torchwood, or BSG/Caprica.

Or all three!

So maybe, the Twitards will be like us and find new better shows in the future.  If Kevin “2 fat 2 fly” Smith is right, they are the future of the fandom and maybe I agree with him.  They are showing up at the cons now in massive numbers, most of you have heard the stories from SDCC about them waiting for days before the panel.  Even Dragon*Con got a bunch of them last year.  Now most geeks don’t stab people over their obsession getting insulted, but they’re still new to this.  We geeks are a highly critical lot, we insult the stuff we love.

So I’m holding out the olive branch to the Twilight fans.  Join us in geekdom.  We have other vampires, many of which are just as stalkery as Edward.  The one pictured above actually goes to conventions and is a pretty cool guy who likes his fans.  We’ll even introduce you to the stuff that Stephanie Meyer ripped off to make her books.  You just need to relax a little about it.  We know you love it, we can all see the t-shirt and the tattoo, but we don’t want to know what you would do to Edward or Teen Wolf (I forgot his name and Google is already suspicious since I searched for James Marsters pics and Stephanie Meyer.) I don’t want to attack you (glass houses and all that), but calm the fuck down.  Then we can all live in peace.




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