Survival of the Dead

17 03 2010

George A. Romero, a name beloved by anyone serious about zombie films.  The first three Dead films set the standard for what a zombie movie should be.  Now in recent years, Mr. Romero has return to the undead menace.  After Land of the Dead, a sort of ending to the original timeline, Romero returned to beginning of the zombie plague with Diary of the Dead.  As the dead began to rise, student filmmakers chronicled the quick end of civilization.  During the chaos, the filmmakers ran into some National Guard soldiers.  This movie is about them.

Where's a gun when I need it?

A few weeks into the plague, these soldiers have struck out for themselves trying to find some level of safety and comfort.  After running into a teenager, they learn of an island that is supposed to be safe.  Turns out it is really part of a feud between two old men who live on the island.  One has decided to keep the dead around because he is convinced a cure can be found.  That is pretty much the whole plot.

The whole point seems to be don’t fight over trivial stuff, because you’ll forget what it was about in the first place and you’ll end up destroying everything.  Kind of pales next to commentary on the Vietnam War, the gap between the rich and poor, and consumerism.  But still, it is much better than roughly 99% of the zombie flicks out there.  Romero seems to be leaning on CG more and more for the zombie kills, but it is still enjoyable.  I felt it was a little too comedic compared to the others, but Romero does seem to be trying to break out of the conventions of what he is known for.  There is a continuation of the zombie’s evolution, but I’ll leave it for you to discover on your own.

In the end, check it out.




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