24 03 2010

While not science fiction/horror/fantasy/whatever this blog is about, this is science based and I do have a deep fascination with biology and the other sciences.

Creation tells the story of Charles Darwin (played by Paul Bettany), probably one of the few men who all can honestly admit have changed the world.  Well shortly before his work On The Origin of Species, Charles pretty much lost his mind.  While this may be spoilers for anyone who didn’t read the wikipedia page, his eldest daughter Annie died.  (According to wiki, he is also “the sapwn of Satin”.) The two were very close and Charles took it very hard.  She is introduced into the story through a combination of flashbacks and apparent hallucinations.

Exactly like Lost, although this makes sense. I think.

The line begins to blur throughout the film as Charles’ physical condition begins to decline as he finishes up his work, which seems to be linked to the death of Anne and his relationship with his wife.  Also a major focus is the conflict between Charles and his wife, Emma (played by the wonderful Jennifer Connelly).  Emma is highly religious and is concerned for her husband’s soul as he works on his theory which is directly opposed to a literal interpretation of the Bible.  Throughout the flashbacks is various stories told by Charles to Annie about his past.  One story in particular is her favorite, despite the sad ending.

The saddest thing you'll ever see.

The story is the tragic tale of Jenny, an orangutan brought to London Zoo.  It is possibly sadder than a thousand Ol’ Yellers.  Although this may be due to my love of monkeys and apes (or my hairy little cousins as I like to call them).

In the end, it is a deeply moving story and well acted by all involved.  Well worth your time, especially if you have an interest in science and biology.




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