Hot Tub Time Machine

28 03 2010

What do you think it is about?

Time Machine Not Pictured

Well, the basic plot to it is some friends are brought together when one is involved in what appears to be a suicide attempt.  So they go to a ski resort that they spent their younger days at, tagging along is the nephew of one of the guys.  By now, most of you have seen the trailers and ads and should get the basic idea and some of the jokes.  There is a lot left out, all of which are good.  The best gags deal with Crispin Glover and I refuse to spoil how great his scenes are.  Also there is a lot of body fluid humor, pretty much all of them.  The time travel itself plays a good bit, the characters are trying to avoid changing the future and one is in danger of being erased from the timeline a la Marty McFly.    Although after a while that seems to go out the window.

Worth checking out.  It is a dumb comedy, but I enjoy stuff like that.  It isn’t as good as the Hangover, but we need to face the fact that nothing for a while is going to be as good as it.  The Hangover may turn out to be the Caddyshack of the 00’s, so we should just forget about waiting for the next big comedy.




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