The Best Shows on TV (at least right now)

11 04 2010

Can’t find something to watch?  Well here are the best shows currently on, each is worth checking out.

With only a few episodes left, the show is heading for what may be one hell of a finale.  The alternate universe flashes have been fairly interesting and now that Desmond has discovered a connection to the normal Lost universe, this may be going somewhere.

Stargate Universe:
SGU is proof that a show can completely reinvent itself without a reboot or ditching the creative staff.  The second half so far seems to have corrected every complaint about the series.  There is now also a villain to the show in the form of the as of yet unnamed alien race that wants the ship Destiny.

Doctor Who:
Doctor Who is finally back with a proper season.  The specials were okay, but most of them did not really live up to what was the Tenth Doctor’s final stories.  But so far, this is shaping up to be a great season.  All thanks to the new creative team, Doctor, and companion, all of whom are doing an outstanding job.




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