20 04 2010

Kick-Ass is in many ways a parody of superheroes.  While most comics and movies try to shy away from the violence, barely showing any blood.  Kick-Ass embraces it in an overdose of bloody violence.  Telling the story of a young man who spent his whole life reading about superheroes, he begins to wonder why no one has ever put on a costume and fought crime.  He soon learns that anyone crazy enough to do it gets their ass kicked.  But he soon inspires others such as the ultra-violent Big Daddy and Hit-Girl, while becoming the target of a crime boss.

Come on, we've all thought of this at least once.

For those who don’t know, Kick-Ass is based on a comic book of the same name.  The story is basically the same, but with slightly different situations.  The characters are a little more fleshed out and more likable.  While some may complain about this, I considered it an improvement.  In the comic, the characters are pretty much psychotic assholes with almost no redeeming qualities.  The movie made them human, especially the characters of Big Daddy and Hit-Girl.

The sweetest father daughter team caught on film.

Now there is some controversy on this film centered on Hit-Girl.  She slaughters people and uses several curse words, one word in particular has really upset a lot of people.  A lot of this comes from the horribly misguided belief that children are innocent.  Now very few children go on killing sprees, but most know curse words at a fairly young age.  Hell, I learned my first curse word at the age of six.  All thanks to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie and Raphael saying “damn”.  Thanks to the internet and cable/satellite any kid who doesn’t know the whole list of curse words is likely incredibly sheltered, even then those will pick it up at school.  Besides the movie is rated R and kids shouldn’t even be seeing the movie.

One of the odd things is the issue of violence in the film, most of these groups have absolutely no problem with some movies with violence.  One of these films was Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ.  A film that I saw in theaters and witnessed parents taking very young children to.  While violent, Kick-Ass is so over the top that it reaches an almost absurd cartoon level of violence.  The Passion on the other hand is basically a snuff film, it focuses entirely on the humiliation, suffering, and torture of Jesus while completely leaving out “why” he did it or any of his messages.  It was torture porn on the level of Hostel and nothing more.  I honestly don’t see how people like this movie on the level that they do, other than their beliefs that they had before entering the theater.

I should also note that my local theater refused to show the movie, forcing me to travel over 90 miles to see the movie.  Apparently Carmike Cinema is having some issue with Lionsgate and is no longer showing any of their movies.  So Carmike can go fuck themselves, if I had any other option I would never use your company ever again.




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