Iron Man 2

10 05 2010

If a few years ago you asked me who would wind up being one of the post popular movie superheroes, Iron Man would come up behind Aquaman.  Nothing against him, but he just was as well known as Spider-man or the X-Men.  But all he really needed was a fantastic first movie.

Because Iron Man does not give two shits about property damage.

Now we have the sequel, several cameos either already done or in the works, and the upcoming Avengers movie (written and directed by the one and only Joss Whedon YAY!).

But how is the sequel itself, actually pretty good.  Roughly six months after the first film, Tony Stark is on top of world and his ego is now so large that it has a gravitational pull.  Other countries are now starting to try and make their own Iron Men to hilarious results and the government is not too pleased about one guy becoming an one man army.  Which is where the central conflict comes into the film.

The government, Tony’s competitors, and some Russian guy aren’t two pleased with Tony’s wacky hijinks.  So they get together in a scheme to replace him, although each has a different idea of how to do it.  Meanwhile Tony is dealing with troubles of his own.

This is one of them.

Besides the alcoholism, which does reach new lows.  He is also dying, turns out the Arc Reactor thing in his chest is poisoning him.  Tony deals with this by basically trying to set up a world without him and by more drinking.  During this we finally get War Machine into the series.

War Machine is not a very subtle name.

In the end it all comes together and there are lots of explosions.  All together, it works and is an enjoyable movie.  It isn’t on the level of The Dark Knight, but I’d hold it above X-Men 2 or Spider-Man 2.  Making it the best Marvel sequel so far.  Completely worth your time and a great first blast into the summer movie season.

My secret plot for Avengers.




2 responses

23 05 2010
James Tyler

I haven’t got round to seeing Iron Man 2 yet. But… I was surprised to like the first one. I didn’t think it would be up to much so avoided it until I was hungover… the second, I hear, dissapointed a lot of people. But… a lot of people are foolish – so hopefully I’ll enjoy it as you did.

If I ever get around to seeing it before 2012.

25 05 2010

It’s worth seeing, I don’t see how people could be disappointed in it.

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