Musings on the Lost Finale

25 05 2010

Spoilers Inside!

Endings are hard. Any chapped-ass monkey with a keyboard can poop out a beginning, but endings are impossible. You try to tie up every loose end, but you never can. The fans are always gonna bitch. There’s always gonna be holes. And since it’s the ending, it’s all supposed to add up to something. I’m telling you, they’re a raging pain in the ass.

-Chuck, Supernatural: Swan Song

Lost has ended after 6 seasons and completely split the fan community.  Some love it, the others hate it.

But I’ve noticed something about the haters out there.  All of them wanted answers to the various mysteries on the show.  Some of which were answered in the show’s finale season, but a lot was either left up for the audience to figure out or left as a mystery.  But I don’t think that really matters in the end.  Did you as an audience member tune in week after week for six years to have mysteries explained to you?  Or did you watch it because of the characters?

Any Lost fan instantly knows who these people are and why they matter.

Because there have been dozens of Lost clones over the years and all have failed.  Why?  Because no one gave a damn about the characters, it was all mystery.  Does anyone honestly remember Invasion or Surface?  I know both involved water and aliens, but I could not tell you the name of a single character on the show and I watched both of them.  Lost gave us great characters, some that may just go down as some of the best television characters of all time.  People were concerned about them.  Mystery was important, but it was really secondary to the show.  Lost wasn’t about a crazy island, it was about the people on the crazy island.  That’s why the flashbacks, flashforwards, and later the sideflashes were so important.

The Man in Black about to wreck someone.

As for the finale itself, I found that it pretty much perfectly wrapped up the series.  The Man in Black in the form of Locke was finally attempting to leave the Island by destroying it.  During the season, it had been hinted that this is something that can absolutely never be allowed to happen.  Given the ease at which he can kill people as the Smoke Monster, this seems to be a good idea.  His brother Jacob, the former protector of the Island, was replaced by Jack.  Jack had long been the leader of the characters, despite his reluctance to be so.  His rival was Locke, a man who believed that they were fated to be on the Island.  After leaving the Island and the death of Locke, he came to see that Locke was right and became his spiritual successor.

If you didn't tear up, you're totally dead inside.

It was fitting that he would be the one to take on the Man in Black in the form of Locke, doing the direct opposite of what Locke would have done.  In the end, Jack saved the Island and allowed his friends to escape.  Dying on the spot that he first arrived on the Island.

We also discovered that the Sideflashes were actually a Flashforward after the characters had all died.  This allowed to them to slowly reunite, remember their lives, and finally move on together.  I’ve noticed that some people assumed that the plane crashed, but it was explained by Jack’s father that some died long after Jack, while others did before.  Everything on the Island was real and some of the characters likely lead long lives after the finale.  I can only assume that Hurley and Ben survived for a long time given the way they had changed and maybe they did a better job than Jacob did at protecting the Island.

For six years, Lost was an amazing ride.  Does it matter that we didn’t learn everything about it?  I think that the finale was trying to tell us something.  We should continue to focus on something and struggle with why something is the way it is.  Sometimes it is just best to move on, because it has to end eventually and no one will ever completely figure it.  We aren’t supposed to, just enjoy what you can while you can.

That’s just what I think and I would like to hear what others thought about it.  I would appreciate if you left a comment.




3 responses

27 05 2010

I agree with you — I felt that the ending was an excellent wrap-up, even if all of the mysteries weren’t resolved. However, there has been a split in our house, where my husband (also an avid LOST fan) absolutely hated it.

29 05 2010

Did he want more stuff to be explained or is he just upset about the finale in general?

1 06 2010
James Tyler

I was expecting the split. I used BSG as a comparison, an ending which had so much hype that it would be a disappointment to many even if it was the finest piece of television ever written.

I didn’t love the way it all ended, but fr m it was a satisfying ending that made sense and think the last season wrapped a lot of things up nicely. I even wondered if the afterlife was all down to Hurley and his better wya of doing things.

Overall – I enjoyed it from start to finish.

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