Episode 14: Yet Another Star Wars Discussion

10 01 2013


In this incredibly delayed adventure, the crew discusses a merger between media legends. The discussion turns to unprofessional behavior, sequel trilogies and a Spielberg directed Gungan genocide dramas. In the end we learn that we can only be happy if we have low expectations.



Episode 13: Fall Preview or The MacFarlane Paradox

7 10 2012

ImageThe crew discuss new shows and returning shows for the fall season. The discussion soon turns to their love/hate relationship with the works of Seth MacFarlane, Clarke reveals his secret YouTube viewing habits and Jordan and Ray sing a duet.

Note: Due to a storm there may be slight audio issues in the beginning. It passes after a few minutes.


Episode 12: Days of Dragon*Con Past

26 08 2012

The crew gathers around the microphone to discuss Dragon*Con, the best convention in the world that they have personally been to. Together they recount tales of drinking homemade rum, encounters with celebrities, truly epic costumes, improper use of elevators and the perils of trying to fly like Superman.


Episode 11: The Geek Knights Rise

23 07 2012

In this spoilers heavy episode, the crew discuss the latest exploits of Batman, learn that they aren’t the people to discuss serious events and become the podcast the internet deserves, but not the one it needs right now.


Episode 10: In Search Of… Aliens

8 06 2012

The Geek O Rage Crew celebrates reaching double digits (at long last) with special guests including Captain Morgan. Together they attempt to solve mankind’s greatest riddle, are we alone? Join us and find the answers as well as an increasingly chaotic journey into the world of the paranormal, boardgame based films and Canadian actresses who featured on Firefly.

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Episode 9: Canceled! (or Trout & Mrs. Dumblebee)

26 03 2012

The Geek O Rage Crew re-emerge from the depths of time and space to discuss shows that have been canceled. The usual suspects are mentioned including one named after a cunning animal and another with unique ideas of how to spell Sci-Fi.

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Episode 8: 2011 Year End Special

27 01 2012

The Geek O Rage Crew meet up and discuss what movies they saw during 2011. They are rated as either good or bad in this completely original concept that was 100% conceived by the Geek O Rage Crew. Later due to an influx of recent movie trailers, movies being released in 2012 are discussed.

In other developments, this is the first show featuring background music. It may also be the last.