Episode 7: Geek O Rage Vs. Fear

31 10 2011

In a special Halloween episode, the Geek O Rage crew take on the mind killer and permit it pass over and through them. When it is over, only they remain.



Episode 6: In A Glass Cage Of Emotion

13 08 2011
The Geek O Rage Crew returns to discuss the sadder things in life. Various sad scenes in movies are discussed as the guys actually manage to stay on topic for most of the show. Despite small discussions of Final Fantasy and the dangers of allowing Werewolves near babies.


Episode 5: Derailing in Time and Relative Dimensions in Space

25 04 2011

The Geek O Rage Crew are back to discuss the return of Doctor Who. While most of the crew attempt to critique the episode, Jordan religiously defends the good Doctor. The show soon derails during a discussion of chocolate wine, venturing like the last Time Lord into strange places like borderline racism, male on male breeding in the Alien prequel, and an incident at Huddle House.

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We’re not dead.

17 03 2011

We have new material coming.

Podcast: The Geek O Rage Holiday Special

25 12 2010

The Geek O Rage Crew is here to celebrate the holidays, by doing a show without an energy.  The usual specials and movies are discussed, while Clarke learns that his whole life is based on a falsehood.  The discussion then turns to childhood humiliation and tragedy, ending on a gritty continuation of A Christmas Story.


Podcast Episode 3: Complaining For The Users

24 12 2010

The Geek O Rage Crew Returns!  This time to discuss Tron Legacy and the sad state of a channel formerly as the SciFI Channel.  As always this derails and the discussion soon turns to video games and technology of old.


Tron Legacy

22 12 2010

The original Tron is an odd film.  It was a flop at the box office, the game made more money than it ever did.  Yet, something about it stuck with people.  It wasn’t the groundbreaking special effects at the time, even if it looks like something most of us could do 10 years ago.  There was Flynn, a gamer/hacker when the idea was barely understood and most people have never touched a computer.  I really don’t know how I first saw it.  Likely some showing on the Disney Channel.  But Tron was the first DVD I ever bought back in 2002.  Sure, the plot is a little thin and the dialogue can be cheesy at times.  But I loved it, it may be what got me interested in computers.  So I was happy as could be to see a sequel made, especially when the order of the day seems to be remake.


Flynn Abides

Tron Legacy takes place 28 years later.  After taking over ENCOM, Flynn made it into major success.  Seemingly the Microsoft of that world, but with a Steve Jobs type leader (minus the pure evil).


Flynn, still fascinated by the world he saw in the computer, decided to make his own.  He would then spend 21 years trapped there after his program copy turns on him.

So we’re introduced to our new hero, Sam Flynn, Hacker/Bad Boy.  I felt he was a little too much based on Star Trek XI’s Kirk, but it didn’t really distract me.  But he does take a back seat when Jeff Bridges or Olivia Wilde are on screen.  Those two really are the best performances in the film.

This older Flynn has a little bit of the Dude in him, probably due to spending two decades in exile.  But the flashbacks is the same Flynn from the original.


Glowing is the new fetish!


The special effects are amazing and seem to be what everyone is focusing on, besides the score by Daft Punk.  Which is easily the best of the year.  But I hear a lot of complaints about the story.  Some even going so far to say that there wasn’t one, just action scene after scene.  I guess we were watching two different movies, because my favorite scenes were the little moments between Sam and Flynn or Sam and Quorra.  Also the plot going on with Flynn and his counterpart Clu.  Clu as a character is interesting, he’s supposed to be a copy of Flynn.  Yet he is limited, due to the nature of programming.  He believes that he is doing what is right, because he simply can’t see it any other way.  He isn’t evil, he’s just a program who could use an update.

I am a cynical person, but I can tell when a movie is made with love.  This one is, it is a love letter to the original.  Just little references, from Flynn’s odd handheld game to the little metal Bits.  People who aren’t familiar with the original probably won’t even notice, but I love it.

Yes, the story can be a little odd.  But anyone who loves the original will love this one.  Given the box office results, it seems to be connecting with people.  Hopefully it will do for me, what the original did for me.